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Firstly, many thanks for taking the time out, in what is I'm sure, a busy life as we all seem to have these days.  This is just a simple site for a simple HAM LOL, but Im sure you may just find some of the comments and observations familiar and applicable to your own life.  The site is a mixture of HAM radio stuff but also it has elements of plenty of other random things and thoughts thrown in, I'm afraid it is just the way my brain works.


2E0 BCJ, Dave Neville;

Speke, Liverpool. Grid; IO83NI.


To contact me use my callsign with @gmail.com

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Current Shack-


Current working conditions:Using a Yaesu FT 1000MP into a 20m dipole for H.F.and a Yaesu FT - 2900 monoband transceiver restricted to 50w going into a diamond X-510 colinear vertical antenna approximately 30ft of the floor, this utilises LMR 400 Coax for VHF.




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